Defining DH through Colored Conventions

“Colored Conventions”  

It is my idea, that Digital Humanities (DH), taken as a whole, is a field central to providing an underpinning of empathy and service in the sometimes self-serving fields of academia and technology. It is a practice and continual process of outreach.  If DH can be briefly described as: an area of scholarship that provides support for and insights into societies by employing, manipulating, building, and advocating for digital technologies… then its continued propagation into the general ‘universal’ lexicon of our web-literate modern generation is assured.  

The website “Colored Conventions”, which by its own introduction exists to: “[bring] buried African American history to digital life”, acknowledges its purpose being rooted in “social justice activism”.  Colored Conventions clearly illustrates an outgrowth of DH as defined above —  an active scholarship that explores – and often creates – communication pathways using the digital space.